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The Light In The Darkness
by Ellen Fisher

This book is in good second hand condition. Moderate wearing to cover, edgewear, some have names or book exchange marks.

Published by Bantam Books, 1998, 325 pages.

Good Husband Material…
It was a complete joke to Grey that he was considered such a catch. Embittered by the death of his wife, scornful of female wiles, and completely contemptuous of any attempt to bring happiness into his life, Grey hardly considered himself good husband material. And yet, if only for the shock value of it–and to put an end to all the nagging–Grey showed up one day with a bride on his arm: an ignorant, ill-kempt, timid young tavern wench….

The Most Unlikely Bride…
Jennifer knew she was no one’s idea of a suitable bride for the rich, elegant Grey–least of all, his. But though she couldn’t begin to understand the reasons behind his caustic, tormented personality, she did know one thing. He had saved her from a life of drudgery and cruelty, and she would repay him by turning herself into a ravishing, accomplished beauty who would do him credit in society’s eyes. And maybe, just maybe, in the process, he might fall in love with her just a little….

ISBN 0553579223

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