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Hunter’s Touch
by Janis Reams Hudson

This book is in good second hand condition. Moderate wearing to cover, edgewear, some have names or book exchange marks.

Published by Zebra Books, 1999, 348 pages.

Bess Dulaney and Hunter McDougall have loved each other since they were too young to fully understand what that meant. Then Hunter realized that he could not yet give Bess the life she deserved. His pride would not let him marry her and take her to live in his dirt-floor cabin. But he loved her so much, wanted her so much, didn’t trust himself around her, so he tried to keep her at arm’s length. Bess feared his actions meant he no longer loved her. After two years of agony, she decided it was time for proof that he still loved her. She confronts him at his cabin, but before she can get his declaration of love she so desperately wants, a gang of vicious outlaws bursts in on them and kidnaps Bess.

Hunter was not a half Arapaho warrior for nothing. He trails the gang and rescues Bess. But something is drastically wrong. A head wound has left Bess with no memory of Hunter, of her past. No memory, even, of herself. Yet still, she falls in love with him. Hunter is left to pray that the girl who once loved the boy he used to be, would still love the man he now was. And he must kill the outlaws who hurt her.

ISBN 0082176344X

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