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Courting Trouble
by Katie Rose

This book is in good second hand condition. Moderate wearing to cover, edgewear, some have names or book exchange marks.

Published by Bantam Books, 2003, 305 pages.

No one could accuse the Appleton sisters of embracing tradition. After all, they’ve earned their living as spiritualists ever since their parents’ tragic death—and are succeeding famously. Now Winifred Appleton hopes to champion the rights of women by becoming a lawyer. But when she learns that no law school will accept a woman, Winifred is left with just one choice: accepting an apprenticeship from Charles Howe—and trying to ignore the fiery passion the handsome prosecutor arouses.

Intrigued by Winifred’s spirit—and tempted by her beauty—Charles believes that taking her under his wing is a flawless plan. She’ll surely buckle under the pressure of pursuing her career, leaving him free to propose a different kind of partnership: matrimony. But when the pair are pitted on opposite sides of a contentious murder trial, they learn that love is the only argument that matters.

ISBN 0553581392

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