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Capture The Wind
by Kit Garland

This book is in good second hand condition. Moderate wearing to cover, edgewear, some have names or book exchange marks.

Published by Dell Books, 1997, 408 pages.

She dared to live like a man…
She raced by him on her schooner Mischief, beating Fleetwing and its legendary skipper in a race at sea, proving that the ship she designed, built, and sailed was the fastest craft afloat.  Then Dominique Willoughby offered Nicholas Hawksmoor the ultimate challenge: to take her with him on a perilous mission across the Mediterranean in search of a fabulous gem.  She was ready for danger, but not for the passions ignited by his smoldering gaze….

And love with a woman’s passionate heart….
They called him adventurer, rogue, gambler, thief, a man who would do anything to get what he wanted.  But Nicholas Hawksmoor needed the ship and the woman to help him find the Cat’s Eye, a priceless gem with a blood-soaked curse.  He’d never met a woman like her–a born sailor packaged in a temptress’s body, with an angel’s freckled face.  Dominique, who sailed with him into unknown waters, evoking desires in which a pirate prince could drown….

ISBN 0440220998

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