Planning for Sustainable Farming, by Andrew Campbell – 9780850914337


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Planning for Sustainable Farming
by Andrew Campbell

This book is in good second hand condition.  Moderate wearing to the cover, edgewear.  Has been covered at some stage, tape marks inside covers.

Published by Lothian Books, 1991, 200 pages.

Land degradation: Australia’s most serious environment problem.  Farmland degraded by erosion, salinity, soil acidity or soil structure decline; Irrigated farmland flooded from beneath by rising saline groundwater; Loss of plant and animal species.

The keys to solving these problems start with people on the land.  Planning for Sustainable Farming shows land users how better to understand their main, non-renewable resource.  The book works through a whole farm planning process which blends conservation and production using case studies from the renowned Potter Farmland Plan and discusses its lessons for agricultural extension.

ISBN 0850914337

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