Blondie's Recipe Book, Soups Salads Sandwiches, Dagwood

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Blondie's Recipe Book
Soups, Salads, Sandwiches

This book is in poor-ok second hand condition.  Heavy wearing to the cover, which has come away from the book.  The cover has been nibbled by insects and is patchy and chipped all over. 

However, the book is actually quite good.  It has a small watermark that goes through the bottom left hand corner of the book, but this doesn't affect the 'readability', no pages are torn and there is no active mould where the watermark is.  Tanning to pages.

Published by Associated Newspapers Sydney, Approx 1950s/60s, 66 pages.

A fantastic addition to anyone's Dagwood and Blondie collection.  This is an actual recipe book with great recipes for the basic cook.

Says Dagwood:
Food is avery interesting subject.  Believe it or not, gravity is what limits a sandwich's size. For instance, take a sandwich that gets too high - the top layer always rolls off.  That's where practice and experience in building comes in.  I always use a good flat matter for the top layer and make sure while I'm building to mix in a good mortar of tomato sauce with horse-radish, mustard and mayonnaise.  This makes a firmer foundation and a taller skyscraper possible.  You'll be able to do it too after you've given my Special a few tries.  Blondies' book is filled with good things to eat.  Sandwiches, for instance.

Says Blondie:
When Dagwood makes a sandwich, he needs stack of bread and a full refrigerator.  However, tasty snacks worthy of the name sandwich can be made with almost anything -as you'll notice in going through the pages of this book.  Sandwiches, that is the kind we have when Dagwood doesn't have a hand in them, are popular with all members of the family on any occasion.  And with soup, and salad, they are the 'Three S's' with which you can provide a satisfactory meal on short shift.  This is a collection of Bumstead favourites.  A few of our favourites such as 'hot dog' sandwiches, are omitted because the recipes are too obvious or well known.

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