How To Do Just About Anything - A Practical A-Z Guide - HB

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How To Do Just About Anything
A Money-Saving A-Z Guide
to Over 1,200 Practical Problems

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Published by Reader's Digest, 1987, 495 pages.

  • At Home: avoid aching fee, get rid of borers, connect a stereo, put up shelves, turn a collar, fit a lock, strip furniture, set a table, give a manicure
  • In The Kitchen: make a bouquet garni, cook yabbies, paint an Easter egg, cheer up leftovers, bone poultry, decorate a cake, make confectionery, lard a roast
  • At Your Desk: write a job application, raise credit, answer an invitation, fill out a tax form, trace your family tree, improve your memory
  • In The Workshop: mend a roller blind, sharpen an axe, cane a chair, use a power tool, frame a picture, make a billycart
  • Around The House: repair a roof, build a wall, maintain fibro, fence a pool, concrete a path, silence a noisy pipe
  • In The Garden: plant bulbs, attract birds, eradicate bindii, grow gladioli, sow a lawn, prune a tree, start seeds
  • In The Garage: jack up a car, clean a spark plug, change oil, remove a registration sticker
  • On The Road: two a caravan, lock a bicycle, change a tyre, stop without brakes, jump-start a car
  • On Holidays: pack a suitcase, apply for a passport, pitch a tent, play roulette, travel with pets, entertain children
  • In The Outdoors: avoid sunburn, survive a bushfire, tie a knot, enjoy a job, improve your golf
  • Anywhere: make a complaint, do your exercises, burp a baby, cure a hangover, apply for bail, choose a wine, treat a heart attack, tune a guitar
  • Just 70 of the 1,225 entries

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